Clark Thompson

Founding Partner
Chief Technology Officer

Clark ThompsonClark Thompson brings 29 years of experience in technology and complex systems design and development, a diverse background in all engineering disciplines, and a proven track record in engineering team development and systems capability build-out.

Prior to joining Enchanted Rock in 2007, Mr. Thompson was involved in founding and managing numerous startup firms that developed technologies for Internet wireless real time control systems, critical industrial motors controls, solar powered environmental remediation, wireless paging and PCS cellular infrastructure. His consulting firm, Silas’ Inc., served clients including NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Rohm and Haas.  Boeing and NASA have recognized him for significant leadership in inventing and developing key concepts for the operations, methods and devices of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Previously, as the seventh employee of SPACEHAB Inc., he served as Vice President of Johnson Engineering’s subsidiary and was responsible for all engineering manufacturing operations and corporate intellectual property portfolio management.  At McDonnell Douglas he invented, designed, built and flew the first ground controlled robotic device capable of safe operations in the crew cabin.

Mr. Thompson received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Arizona.  He holds multiple US and foreign patents in robotics, telecommunications and diverse spacecraft structures.