Microgrid developer Enchanted Rock was managing over 200 microgrids across Texas when Winter Storm Uri hit. Because the company delivers what is known as “resiliency-as-a-service,” it was able to keep the lights on while the grid was down. Major Enchanted Rock customers include H-E-B (the grocery chain that became an ad hoc community center for people without power that week shown in the lead image), Walmart, water districts, and manufacturing plants, among others.

Most of these sites would have lost power in the rolling blackouts ordered by Texas’ grid operators if they didn’t have a microgrid installed, according to the company.

COO Allan Schurr said in a DISTRIBUTECH Plus presentation (set to air on February 22) that his company made changes to how it operates in response to Uri. For example, the company winterized breakers that were not temperature rated.

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