Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service



With the increasing customer demand for timely goods, movement, and delivery. It is critical for distribution and logistics companies to have a seamless supply chain and uninterrupted operations. Highly controlled and secured, these facilities increasingly rely on power dependent, highly automated pick systems and inventory refrigeration equipment.

At the same time, our electric grid is more stressed than ever, with an increasing number of long-term outages due to more severe weather events, changing generation mix, and the growth of electric fleets and robotics. Even a short power outage can cause equipment failure and inventory loss, which impacts operations, economics, and reputation.


Enchanted Rock’s Resiliency-as-a-Service solution, with its dual-purpose microgrid enable companies to stay powered and communities to be resilient. Enchanted Rock dualpurpose microgrids are managed and optimized 24/7/365 that enable worry-free protection from extended power electrical outages. Enchanted Rock delivers resilient backup power, often at half the price of diesel, by financing, operating, and maintaining the systems

When facilities don’t require backup power, Enchanted Rock participates in energy markets by providing grid support services. This additional revenue offsets the cost of the system to the customer.


Enchanted Rock utilizes natural gas fuel to power our resiliency solution due to the plethora of benefits, including low sound levels, compact footprint, ultra-low emissions, and indefinite runtime. Our patented technologies result in the cleanest local emissions available for long duration outage protection. Plus, our solution supports a better tomorrow by helping balance intermittent renewables and furthering the integration of green energy.


Enchanted Rock’s dual purpose microgrids quickstart backup powers entire facilities in a matter of seconds to ensure service is running at the highest possible level. Enchanted Rock utilizes a “run often, run loaded” approach instead of only running during emergencies. Often we run to provide grid support services to the local utility.

This minimizes the potential for an operational surprise by providing constant testing and conditioning to the system. Enchanted Rock owns, operates, and maintains the system utilizing our 24/7 Microgrid Network Operations Center (mNOC) to ensure operational integrity. This full, turnkey service allows critical infrastructure facilities to focus on their core business – providing high-quality services to their customers.


270+ # of MW Commissioned
565+ Operational Microgrid Sites
260+ MW Under Construction
11,000+ Hours of Outages Covered
540,000+ Unit Run Hours

Stats as of Published Date

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