Houston, TX, June 28, 2022 — Enchanted Rock, a leading provider of electrical resiliency-as-a- service, announced today that it has attained the California Air Resources Board Distributed Generation (CARB DG) certification. Enchanted Rock’s Dual-Purpose Microgrids ensure operational continuity for companies, critical infrastructure, and communities during unexpected power outages and provide grid stability services. Enchanted Rock’s microgrids are the first reciprocating engine technology to secure this certification, which has the strictest emissions requirements in the nation.

To achieve CARB DG certification, manufacturers of electrical generation technologies must certify their technologies to specific criteria pollutant emission standards. Although most CARB DG certified technologies are microturbines and fuel cells, Enchanted Rock’s generator technology underwent rigorous testing to become the first engine of its kind to have emissions low enough to meet the necessary standards. Enchanted Rock’s reciprocating engine is a true resiliency asset with advantages on cost, island mode transient response, and power density over other CARB DG certified technologies. Through a combination of its low emissions and high reliability, Enchanted Rock’s natural gas generators have emerged as a more sustainable alternative to diesel counterparts, resulting in significantly lower local emissions. Enchanted Rock worked with Encino Environmental Services, LLC (“Encino”) on emissions performance testing and analysis for the CARB DG process, to prepare the application and proceed through the certification process.

“At Enchanted Rock, our goal is to be the industry leader in providing electrical resiliency-as-a- service with an emphasis on sustainability,” said Ian Blakely Chief Strategy Officer of Enchanted Rock. “Meeting the CARB DG requirements is validation of our continued push to provide cleanest long duration resiliency in the market, as these standards are one of the highest in the world. When our customers use our generators, they can be confident that we’re not only providing world class reliability but doing so with minimal impact on the environment and public health.”

“Enchanted Rock is delivering innovative technologies and solutions to industrial and commercial markets which support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and other long-term sustainability goals,” said Joe Etheridge Chief Technical Officer of Encino. “We are honored to have supported their goal of attaining DG certification for both emissions performance and commercial optimization.”

Enchanted Rock recently announced that Microsoft will be utilizing these ultra-low emission generators to provide electrical resiliency services for their new data center in San Jose, CA. Power for the microgrid will be supplied by net-zero carbon renewable natural gas, injected upstream into the gas pipeline to offset the use of fossil gas. With hourly local emissions 80%-96% lower than EPA Tier 4 diesel standards while delivering higher reliability, widespread adoption of natural gas in place of diesel can help ensure that data centers do not carry negative health impacts for the communities where they operate.


About Enchanted Rock

Founded in 2006, Enchanted Rock is a leader in electrical resiliency-as-a-service, powering companies, critical infrastructure and communities to ensure operational continuity during unexpected power outages from extreme weather, infrastructure failures, cyberattacks and other grid disruptions. Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids use natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG) offsets to produce significantly lower carbon emissions and air pollutants than diesel generators, capable of achieving resiliency with net-zero emissions. Additionally, the company’s end-to-end microgrid software platform, GraniteEcosystem™, provides real-time 24/7/365 system monitoring and optimization, including forecasting of electricity market conditions to ensure worry-free reliable power to customers. For more information, please visit www.enchantedrock.com or visit Twitter or LinkedIn.