HOUSTONMarch 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Enchanted Rock, the leading provider of electrical resiliency-as-a-service, today announced its membership as a Foundation Partner with Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), a non-profit professional association for the digital infrastructure industry. As a Foundation Partner, Enchanted Rock is dedicating time and resources to the educational, networking and industry initiatives driven by iMason’s community of over 3000 professionals in over 130 countries, with a focus on improving the resilience and sustainability of data centers.

“We know that ensuring the sustainability, reliability and diversity of our digital infrastructure will require strong collaboration between leaders in the field,” said Enchanted Rock’s SVP of Sales, Ken Cowan, who will join 35 others as a thought leader and advisors on the iMasons Advisory Council. “Enchanted Rock is excited to contribute our vision for a more resilient, net-zero carbon and sustainable pathway for data centers, and to partner with our colleagues to achieve our common goals.”

Although most data centers currently rely on diesel generators for back-up power, natural gas and renewable natural gas microgrids offer a cleaner, affordable alternative capable of meeting the technical requirements for data center uptime. Enchanted Rock’s resiliency solutions are helping contribute to growing efforts by the industry to reduce emissions without sacrificing system reliability.

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