Hurricane-Proof Your Operations

Reinvent Your Electrical Resiliency with a Managed Solution

The Enchanted Rock resiliency-as-a-service helps critical infrastructure and utilities reinvent their approach to electrical resiliency.

our electrical resiliency power microgrid is fueled by natural gas, freeing you from the risk of a diesel shortage during a storm event. This highly skilled personnel handle the operation, maintenance and resiliency monitoring of your electrical backup solution. Our unique model allows us to offer clean, reliable power at a more affordable cost structure than traditional diesel generation.

Backup Power Experts You Can Trust

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2006, Enchanted Rock is no stranger to power outages caused by severe weather. Our patented microgrid design has covered more than 10,955 outage hours for our customers. Enchanted Rock customers can trust that the power will be on when they need it most.

By The Numbers: Hurricane Hanna

In the Summer of 2020, Hurricane Hanna swept through South Texas causing over $1 billion in damages.

250,000 Utility customers lost power
load 27 Stores proactively islanded, a 30 MW load
14 Customer outages avoided
100% Load supplied
50 hours Longest covered outage

Focus On Your Business, Not Your Microgrid

Enchanted Rock provides electrical resiliency solutions and allows you to focus on what matters most, your core business. As your Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service partner, Enchanted Rock owns, operates, and maintains the microgrid systems.

Experienced operators manage the status, security, maintenance and dispatch of the microgrid in real-time from our state-of-theart Microgrid Network Operations Center (mNOC). Our energy trading experts in the mNOC interface in real-time with retail and wholesale energy markets, providing grid capacity based on the unique requirements of each electricity market and revenue opportunity.

Enchanted Rock utilizes a “run loaded, run often” approach to maximize reliability of our microgrids. Most backup systems are only run during occasional testing and during emergencies, increasing the chance of failure when you need the system most.

Natural Gas-Fueled Generation More Reliable Than Diesel

During crisis situations, natural gas is readily available through underground infrastructure that remains unaffected by flooding and other severe weather events. By contrast, fuel must be delivered by truck to traditional diesel-fueled generators. This become impossible when road conditions are dangerous due to flooding. This makes natural gas the obvious fuel of choice during inclement weather. In addition, it is also a cleaner fuel source than diesel with 10X lower carbon emissions.

More Affordable Diesel

Enchanted Rock customers enjoy for a fraction of the cost of a comparable diesel backup system. This is because in our unique model, Enchanted Rock sells power to the grid when the generators are not in use, subsidizing the cost of your solution.

Case Study:
National Guard in Need


Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast in 2017 resulting in days of rain, flooding, and outages. Authorities were in need a headquarters to organize their efforts, refuel, and support first responders. Unfortunately, majority of the area was without power.


Using Enchanted Rock’s Managed Power Resiliency service, Buc-ee’s, a regional travel center maintained uninterrupted power. Buc-ee’s opened their doors to first responders, FEMA, the Texas National Guard, police, and fire and rescue while the surrounding area was without power. First responders were able to operate successfully from Bucee’s thanks to Enchanted Rock’s solution.

  • 21 Customer Sites
  • 105 Hours
  • 100% Reliability

“Buc-ee’s was honored to host the first responders and national guardsmen at our Katy store during the disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey. We were confident that our Enchanted Rock generators would keep the lights on.”

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