Renewable natural gas, or RNG, is emerging as a new frontier for microgrids and a way to resolve one of the industry’s core dilemmas. How can it assure the lights stay on without relying on fossil fuels?

Business models are just beginning to emerge for renewable fuel microgrids. And Texas-based Enchanted Rock is one of the companies early out of the gate.

In a recent interview, Enchanted Rock offered us a look inside its strategy for renewable natural gas, a fuel made from capturing methane produced by decomposing waste from livestock, water treatment, food and other sources.

To start, it’s important to understand Enchanted Rock’s approach to microgrids. The company is best known for its fossil fuel-fired microgrids installed at retail stores in Texas, such as Buc-ee’s, H.E.B. and Walmart — stores that make the national news during disasters because their microgrids allow them to stay open and supply the local population.

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