Government Infrastructure

Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure such as water facilities, transportation, and other government installations is relied upon to keep our communities and essential services operating safely and efficiently to ensure physical and economic well-being of the public. At the same time, they must remain budget conscious, especially during times of economic slowdown.

Critical infrastructure faces a variety of unprecedented challenges. While these facilities have always valued crisis proofing operations, the new normal means providing services to a growing population – while facing a greater occurrence extended power outages due to severe weather events, increasing an aging electric grid, as well as potential cybersecurity and physical security threats.

For this reason, new contingency strategies and technologies are becoming the new normal in facility design and planning. Our dual-purpose microgrids offer a resiliency solution that ensures safe, reliable, and uninterrupted operations to keep the community safe in the event of a crisis. Likewise, airports and electrified fleet operations, as well as military bases need long duration outage protection to maintain normal operations during an emergency.

The Enchanted Rock Solution

The Enchanted Rock Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service solution helps critical infrastructure reinvent how they approach electrical resiliency. We provide fully managed clean, natural gas-powered resiliency microgrids, support services, and flexible pricing options designed for fast, simple, and worry-free protection from extended grid outages. A partner you can trust, we have a proven track record of availability solutions backed by highly skilled personnel and advanced systems, resulting in low risk, predictable resiliency.

Decarbonizing Resilience with Natural Gas

Enchanted Rock’s natural gas powered systems have cleaner local emissions than diesel by orders of magnitude with practically no run limitations – allowing critical facilities to support both resiliency and sustainability strategies. During crisis situations, natural gas is readily available when diesel refueling is not always possible. Our systems can use natural gas and renewable natural gas to reduce or eliminate carbon footprint.

Why Enchanted Rock Microgrids?

Ensure the safety of the community
Replace unreliable, high emissions diesel systems
Eliminate unplanned outages
Reduce CapEx and OpEx

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