Houston-based Enchanted Rock said it is working with more grocers to install its micro grid system developed for H-E-B. Enchanted Rock was founded in 2006 and has doubled its employee count to 170 in the past two years with projects in several states.

“I can definitely affirm that the industry is taking notice of H-E-B and emulating H-E-B and not just in Texas,” said Allan Schurr, chief commercial officer of Houston-based Enchanted Rock. “Walmart is focused on resilience.”

Grocers are more aware about the consequences of extreme weather than they were before last year’s winter storm in Texas, he said.

“But I don’t think we can categorically make the statement that every grocer has caught on or made decisive moves,” Schurr said. “The industry leaders are moving faster.”

The grid can’t handle the expectations of some customers, and that gap may be growing, he said.

Our tolerance for power outages isn’t what it used to be, Schurr said. “Before, society would say, ‘Well, it’s an act of God,’ and we dealt with it.”

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