Local Communities

Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Local Communities

Local communities rely on power to protect citizens, critical infrastructure, homes, and local businesses. When power outages occur, an annoyance like flashing traffic signals from utility equipment failure can become a wide-spread community wide catastrophe due to severe weather or wildfire risk. Proactive communities are looking for innovative ways to crisis proof their communities against utility grid infrastructure vulnerable to natural and human caused hazards – while at the same time supporting sustainability goals and remaining budget conscious. This is no small hurdle considering the variety of options from renewables to natural gas and diesel back up power.

Microgrids navigate this complexity and provide local communities with flexibility and autonomy, removing sole dependency on utility power during and after emergencies. The challenge is determining the best resource mix to address both long duration resiliency and economic realities.

The Enchanted Rock Solution

The Enchanted Rock Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service solution helps local communities reinvent how they approach electrical resiliency. Working with local electric utilities, Enchanted Rock’s managed resiliency microgrids uniquely provide long duration community or neighborhood outage protection lasting from hours to days to weeks – something diesel backup systems or solar and storage alone simply cannot do alone. Our systems leverage clean, affordable, always available natural gas resiliency microgrids that integrate with local renewables and other technologies to enable both clean and resilient power.

Our resiliency-as-a-service model provides low risk, low cost, worry-free protection from grid outages. Because our dual purpose microgrids provide both emergency backup and grid services during idle times, we significantly reduce the upfront cost of the asset for customers. Enchanted Rock operates, manages, and monitors all assets. A partner you can trust, we have a proven track record of availability solutions backed by highly skilled personnel and advanced systems, resulting in low risk, predictable resiliency.

Decarbonizing Resilience with Natural Gas

Enchanted Rock’s natural gas powered systems offer cleaner local emissions than diesel by orders of magnitude with practically no run limitations – allowing communities to support both resiliency and sustainability strategies. During crisis situations, natural gas is readily available when diesel refueling is not always possible. Our systems can integrate with existing solar and storage, and use natural gas and renewable natural gas to reduce or eliminate carbon footprint.

Why Enchanted Rock Microgrids?

Remove reliance on grid infrastructure
Eliminate outages for critical infrastructure
Reduce local pollution with a clean energy alternative to diesel

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