Managed Power Resiliency

As our collective dependency on continuous electricity grows, so have the gaps in availability from public utility power due to numerous threats: severe weather, fire, floods, and other natural disasters, equipment failure and man-made threats such as human error and cyber or terror attacks. The stress of these events, increasing in frequency, has brought the need for power resiliency to the forefront for many industries.

Enchanted Rock, your partner for Managed Power Resiliency (MPR), has reinvented how organizations ensure power resiliency for their operations with fully managed clean microgrids, support services, and flexible pricing options designed for fast, simple, and worry-free protection from extended grid outages. High availability solutions, backed by skilled personnel and advanced systems, result in low risk, predictable resiliency. 

Eliminate Costly Outages

Enchanted Rock natural gas-powered resiliency microgrids enable organizations and communities to ensure business and power resiliency while enabling a transition to zero carbon. While diesel systems have traditionally been used for emergency backup power, they can be unreliable and no longer meet the needs of a world looking to reduce air emissions and carbon footprint. True power resiliency provides long duration full facility outage protection lasting from hours to days to weeks; something diesel or renewables can’t do alone.

Support Sustainability

Enchanted Rock resiliency microgrids integrate with renewables and other distributed energy resources to optimize based on requirements for emissions, carbon footprint, cost performance, and space available. Our patented technology provides an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel, with cleaner local emissions than diesel by orders of magnitude and practically no run limitations.

Reduce Costs and Risk

Enchanted Rock provides flexible pricing options to meet the needs of our customers. Customers can select an end-to-end managed service model (integrated Resiliency on Call, or iROC) or can own the microgrid equipment directly with an accompanied long-term service contract. The managed service model provides grid support services during idle time and enables a second revenue stream that reduces initial investment cost. 

Focus on Core Business

Enchanted Rock has been focused on keeping the lights on since 2009. Our management team has nearly 200 cumulative years of experience in energy engineering, design, procurement, assembly, and project management, and in overall energy operations and asset management. Our managed resiliency microgrid includes 24/7/365 monitoring, management, and troubleshooting through the Enchanted Rock Microgrid Network Operations Center (mNOC) and dedicated in-house maintenance experts that conduct weekly service visits to everything is running smoothly.