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Microgrid Knowledge 7 Strategies to Make Microgrids a Fit for Utility Grid Modernization

When utilities consider the mix of investments for grid modernization, most consider grid automation, advanced controls, and data analytics, but are not yet making microgrids a part of their grid modernization roadmap. By overlooking microgrids they miss opportunities to provide local capacity and boost customer satisfaction by serving strategically important customers seeking increased resilience.

That’s why Enchanted Rock and Microgrid Knowledge conducted a survey of leaders at large U.S. electric utilities to take the pulse on their actions and attitudes on microgrid development. The results revealed most executives believe their utilities have a broad role to play with microgrids. Yet most also saw deterrents that prevented their utilities from playing this role.

In this webinar, Allan Schurr, Enchanted Rock’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Elisa Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Microgrid Knowledge share what the leaders of large utilities reported were the top deterrents to microgrid adoption and strategies to overcome them.

In this webinar you will learn strategies to use microgrids as strategically important assets in the energy transition that can benefit utilities, their customers, and the grid.


Allan Schurr

Chief Commercial Officer, Enchanted Rock

Allan Schurr brings go-to-market expertise from over 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial energy services and innovative utility solutions. As Chief Commercial Officer at Enchanted Rock, Schurr is responsible for corporate and product marketing, direct sales, and channel sales functions.

Elisa Wood

Editor-in-Chief, Microgrid Knowledge

Elisa Wood is an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in the energy industry. She is chief editor and co-founder of Microgrid Knowledge and serves as co-host of the publication’s popular conference series. She also co-founded RealEnergyWriters.com, where she continues to lead a team of energy writers who produce content for energy companies and advocacy organizations.