Microgrid Network Operations Center

Ensuring power resiliency for our customers requires continuous monitoring of our microgrid sites across the United States. Acting as the nerve center for every active microgrid installation 24/7/365 in every market, the Enchanted Rock Microgrid Network Operations Center (mNOC) deploys proprietary software and integrated processes and technologies that together ensure worry-free, long-duration, reliable power to customers by helping mNOC operators identify and address issues before they become problems.

The mNOC system runs on proprietary microgrid aggregation and control software in a secure Tier 4 data center, allowing experienced operators to monitor both asset conditions and energy markets and manage all status, security, maintenance, scheduling, and dispatch in real time. The mNOC also interfaces in real time with retail and wholesale markets, and energy trading experts manage the process of providing grid capacity and ancillary services based on the unique requirements of each electricity market program and revenue opportunity.

A variety of sophisticated, quick-response microgrid support activities take place under the supervision of energy engineers and trading experts, including:

  • Monitoring weather and stability of the electric power grid
  • Autonomous activation of microgrids during loss of utility voltage
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of all comms and equipment installations in the field
  • Maintenance management and resource optimization
  • Upgrade of program management
  • Monitoring and forecasting of electricity market conditions
  • Optimized dispatch for excess energy sales