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The United States is a global top natural gas producer and the demand for clean-burning hydrocarbons will continue into the future. As all levels of the natural gas supply chain start electrifying to improve ESG and reduce carbon footprint, facilities face a growing threat of power outage.

The electric grid is struggling. Load growth is increase and the infrastructure is aging. Plus, electric grids are integrating more and more renewables into their power strategies, which makes electricity production cleaner but less reliable. As renewable penetration increases, natural gas pipeline capacity becomes increasingly valuable. Midstream facilities need to assess their natural gas deliverability needs and seriously evaluate the effects of power outages across their supply chain, on their budgets, and on their sustainability goals. Fortunately, on-site resiliency microgrids are a low cost, long duration backup power solution.


Enchanted Rock provides long duration backup power with a small carbon footprint for the lowest cost available. Enchanted Rock builds, operates, and maintains behind-the-meter resiliency microgrids at no to low capital expense to the customer. This turnkey solution ensures preemptive outage avoidance and predictable outage recovery for customers so they can function without interruption. Our Resiliency-as-aService solution allows facilities to have a proactive power strategy, rather than deal with the hassle of mobilizing rental diesel generators after a problem has already occurred. Enchanted Rock allows customers to focus on what they do best — their business.


Enchanted Rock is the cleanest solution for the lowest cost. Our emissions are a mere fraction of even the cleanest diesel generators. Enchanted Rock’s Resiliency-as-a-Service solution helps facilities meet ESG goals. In this model, Enchanted Rock owns and operates the systems, so we carry all of the air permitting. As a result, the small emissions produced by our systems do not aggregate into our customers’ overall emissions profile or reporting. More and more legacy gas-fired prime movers are electrifying to improve ESG, but they are also facing increased risk, such as higher energy costs and increased power outages due to grid failures. The Enchanted Rock solution provides dual-energy performance, which allows customers to pivot to the most cost-effective energy available — electricity or natural gas. Plus, our systems eliminate the need for flaring by mitigating upset conditions.


Power outage can be detrimental to operations, forcing facility’s to miss deadlines, waste resources, and drain money. Enchanted Rock provides full-facility backup power to protect your critical infrastructure as well as staff. Our customers receive backup power as soon as a grid outage occurs, and the microgrid energizes the bus within 10 to 30 seconds depending on the size of the system. When a facility has dependable, continuous power, there is no risk of congestion and business can flow as usual.


Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrid solution is powered by clean natural gas because of its robust, underground infrastructure. Customers do not have to worry about logistics or supply chain issues, such as running out of diesel or having fuel trucks get stopped due to flooding or closed roads. Additionally, midstream customers who use natural gas for backup power demonstrate that their product is dependable, clean, and safe. This testament to their product creates an advantage over competitors.

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