Power On Partner Program


Large C&I customers are increasingly seeking resiliency solutions, and utilities are in a unique position to provide them. Power resiliency is top of mind for all, especially with the rise in severe weather events, and other risks such as equipment failure and cyber attacks. For critical
infrastructure, which has expanded beyond hospitals and emergency services to include food, water, supply chain, and communication services, it’s about keeping communities safe and society up and running.

The Enchanted Rock Partner Program helps utilities deliver high value resiliency services for critical infrastructure customers. Support services include planning, program design and development, marketing resources toolkit, program management, and regulatory support


Backed by our 10+ years providing Resiliencyas-a-Service, we’ve launched our partner program to help utilities go to market with turnkey resiliency services. Whether you are looking at a behind the meter solution for key accounts or front of meter service for districts and neighborhoods, we have the end to end resiliency solution and support services you need to launch your offering.


Program Planning:

Joint plan development and execution roadmap, including: interconnection, MW forecast, master service agreements, and facilitation of internal and stakeholder workshops with key decision makers.

Program Design & Development:

Program design tailored to your customer base, education of key staff on resiliency program approaches, and development of the materials needed to launch the new programs.

Regulatory Support:

Regulatory evaluation, market research, program standardization, program tracking, and implementation support on a regional and national scale. Coordinated with the existing policy/advocacy strategy to maximize value from microgrid investments.

Marketing Services:

Access to a marketing toolkit to help launch and promote your service offering to your customer base.


Program Management:

Development and management of program scope, project timelines, project plans, action register, lessons learned log, and key scheduling milestones.

Joint Sales Services:

Access to our industry-specialized sales leaders to be leveraged as necessary, as a sales support arm or as a direct sales channel partner.

3rd Party Ownership Options:

Development of an ownership model that works best for your unique situation as well as regulatory structure.

Flexible Commercial Arrangements:

Flexible business models that fit your go to market strategy, whether that be a monetized Resiliency-as-a-Service model or leveraging available financial tools to support such projects.

O&M, EPC, & Monitoring Services:

Fully integrated O&M, EPC, and 24/7/365 monitoring services through our Microgrid Network Operations Center in Houston, Texas.

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