Recorded Webinar: Managed Resiliency in Action – Enchanted Rock Performance Recap after Texas Winter Storm

During the week of February 14, 2021, Texas experienced a brutal winter storm that resulted in millions without power and water for an extended time – leaving businesses and communities to fend for themselves. As storm recovery continues, many organizations are starting to evaluate solutions to avoid such an outage from happening during the next event. 

At Enchanted Rock, we are proud to report that we operated over 200 microgrids throughout the storm, supplying our customers continuous power that allowed them to stay open. 

We invite you to listen in as we review our microgrid operation highlights from the storm and provide an overview of our managed resiliency service and patented microgrid technology with an included Q&A session.

Learning Points: 
  • How was the microgrid managed, monitored, and able to identify issues proactively? 
  • How do our systems contribute to supporting ERCOT? 
  • What does our policy of contracting Firm/No Notice gas mean for operations when prolonged outages occur?