Recorded Webinar: Microgrids and Power Resiliency for Data Centers: Myth Busting and Exploring New Solutions

To solve for ageing power infrastructure, data center leaders are turning to cutting-edge technology like microgrids to deliver electricity more reliably, reduce the impact of power outages, and restore service faster when outages occur.

But here’s the challenge: Can microgrids support critical infrastructure requirements? Can they become the preferred backup method for data centers? And can they become the bridge to support emerging power designs, including renewable natural gas, solar, and other power solutions?

In this webcast, we explore the makings of the modern microgrid and dispel legacy paradigms around power design and emerging power solutions. Specifically, we discuss:

  • The path to decarbonization and the changing grid: what we have learned from market experience
  • Current and emerging technologies: removing your reliance on dirty diesel
  • Renewable Natural Gas: what is it, and how can it help reduce you carbon footprint?
  • Microgrids design options and how to get started
  • Optimizing design for both decarbonization and resiliency


Bill Kleyman
EVP of Digital Solutions, Switch

Brian Jabeck
Global Account Director, Enchanted Rock