Recorded Webinar: Utilities Roundtable – How are Proactive Utilities Keeping the Lights on with Resiliency Microgrids?

Today’s connected world relies on continuous power, not to mention utility customer expectations are sky high and growing. 

Since utilities have the traditional responsibility of safe, reliable power to our communities, how are you preparing for the times you can’t meet the requirement, including for your large C&I customers with ultra-high resiliency requirements? 

Resiliency microgrids provide clean, quick-response on-site capacity that supports end customer critical loads during grid outages lasting from hours to days to weeks – something solar and storage cannot do alone. In this webinar, our industry panel will discuss the benefits of leveraging resiliency microgrids as part of a modernization and energy transition strategy. We will also discuss:

  • The benefits that resiliency microgrids provide
  • Key considerations when developing a microgrid strategy 
  • Best practices for rolling out a resiliency strategy that ensure hyper availability for C&I customers and local communities during emergency conditions