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Customers Trust Enchanted Rock.

Since 2006, Enchanted Rock a leader in providing Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service company has been built on service. This trademark of service addresses the following must-haves to ensure dependability, trust, and continuous operations for businesses and communities.

Quality and Service is the foundation of Enchanted Rock’s market leadership in the industry. The 3 main areas of service advantages include Technology, Data & Analytics, and Expertise & Experience.

With over 250 microgrids deployed across the country and growing, businesses can be sure to have operational continuity.ᅠ Our complete end-to-end solution with engineering, design, procurement, construction, installation, and service operations & maintenance enables Enchanted Rock to capture real-time data.ᅠ


Combined Reliability

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Our Technology.


GraniteEcosystem, our custom software platform designed by Enchanted Rock is integrated into our dual-purpose microgrids to monitor, automate, analyze and control microgrid operations. The microgrid Network Operations Center ᅠ(NOC) is integrated into all Enchanted Rock dual-purpose microgrids — via GraniteEcosystem.

The Microgid Network Operations Center monitors your equipment in real-time to reduce any downtime, risk, maintain resiliency and enhance operation 24/7/365 to ensure worry-free reliable power to customers.


  • Health monitorization of all deployed systems and provide preventative and predictive maintenance which detects issues before they occur.
  • We can service remotely to enable continuous operations before any failures can happen which reduces downtime.
  • Our team will have all the diagnostic information upfront whether there in-person or remote. We will always continue to manage the microgrid systems.




What about Enchanted Rock Service Advantages?


  • Real-time analytics.
  • NOC fully integrated with dual-purpose microgrids.
  • Fully capture /record diagnostic information prior to a site visit.

Our Data & Analytics.


Enchanted Rock has over a decade of data on its operations.

Over 770,000 plus unit run hours of data for continuous future innovation and to optimize and maintain the systems at the most optimal level. We know we can measure our combined reliability going back several years.

The company’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition enables us to run data on our microgrids more efficiently. Furthermore, all this information enables us to innovate for the future using real-time data history.


What about Enchanted Rock Service Advantages?


  • Real-time collection of data to calculate the combined reliability.
  • Data gathered internally instead of using 3rd party dealers.
  • Key data collected on the first visit.

Our Expertise and Experience.


Our technology and data is second to none but our trained staff are what drives the business and brings our customers back. Unlike other providers that utilize 3rd-party servicing companies – the service engineers at Enchanted Rock are highly trained employees who are experienced across our systems.

Our real-time experts have access to our Network Operations Center, and remotely access the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system.


  • This allows our service engineers to dive deep into the controller level to provide power quickly for the customer. By remotely powering up the generators before technicians are needed on site, the customer can be up and running faster and more efficiently.
  • If onsite, it’s taken care of on the first visit due to the data collected from the Network Operations Center thus reducing business downtime. In addition, we are 24x7x365 days a year service that is standard for all our customers.




What about Enchanted Rock Service Advantages?


  • Enchanted Rock staff trained and experienced across all systems.
  • Service all claims including warranty and non-warranty.
  • Service available beyond business hours – 24/7/365.

Our customers know they can count on Enchanted Rock for the most innovative Technology, over a decade of Data and Analytics, and our Expertise and Experience with the best professional talent to minimize business downtime.

Enchanted Rock – The Power Is On.

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