Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Utilities

Today’s connected world relies greatly on continuous power, and utility customer expectations are high. To remain competitive in the market, proactive utilities are looking for innovative approaches to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power to customers with ultra-high resiliency needs — all while continuing to integrate renewable energy to the grid.

Dual purpose resiliency microgrids enable utilities to keep the power on when a critical customer or the community needs it most. Microgrids provide reliable clean, fast-response local contingent capacity that supports end customer needs during a grid outage for long duration outage protection lasting from hours to days to weeks – something solar and storage cannot do alone. In addition, utilities can lower the cost of quick response system contingent capacity to the grid, leveraging DERs to reduce costly grid upgrades, and reducing supply costs by monetizing assets in support of the grid.

The Enchanted Rock Solution

With managed resiliency microgrids from Enchanted Rock, utilities can ensure continuous service for customers during grid outages, improving customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Our dual purpose microgrids are ideal for dispatchable front of meter or behind the meter capacity for use in grid support or to defer or avoid traditional capital investments. Using our clean, natural gas-fueled resiliency microgrids, with optional renewable natural gas offsets, utilities can achieve clean reliable and affordable emergency power for their customers.

Decarbonizing Resilience with Natural Gas

Enchanted Rock’s natural gas fueled systems offer  cleaner local emissions than diesel by orders of magnitude with practically no run limitations – allowing utilities to support both resiliency and sustainability strategies. During crisis situations, natural gas is readily available when diesel refueling is not always possible. Our systems can use natural gas and renewable gas to reduce or eliminate carbon footprint.



  • Reduce OpEx and CapEx with dual purpose microgrids
  • Improve resilience while integrating renewables into grid
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Ensure resiliency for larger C&I customers

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Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Utilities