White Paper: The State of the Grid: Improving Energy Solutions for Evolving Digital Infrastructure Power Needs

The electric grid is a dynamic, multi-faceted ecosystem made up of asset owners, manufacturers, service providers, and federal, state, and local government officials. Ensuring the grid provides reliable, efficient, and sustainable electricity continues to be a challenge across the entire ecosystem. Many of these challenges can be addressed by microgrids which, studies show, offer more resilience and are better for the environment than diesel generators.

A new special report from Enchanted Rock explains why microgrids are the new highly resilient, carb-neutral backup generation for today’s technology ecosystems. The report first looks at the current state of the grid, and why it needs a refresh. It then dives into the makings of a modern microgrid.

The report also looks at energy and resilience as a service, some myths around renewable natural gas, cybersecurity, and how microgrids have changed over time. Finally, the report presents real-world use cases that illustrate how microgrids are a viable option for data center power delivery.