White Papers

Data Center Frontier Report: Energy Solutions for Evolving Digital Infrastructure Power Needs

This report explains why microgrids are the new highly resilient, carb-neutral backup generation for today’s technology ecosystems. Download.

A New Grid Architecture for Optimizing Resiliency

This paper explores how a holistic regulatory approach to grid design and resource participation will encourage more microgrid development and resiliency enhancements. Download.

Guidehouse Insights: Powering Resilient EV Infrastructure

Guidehouse investigates the critical role that dual purpose microgrids play in the electrification of the transportation sector and making the transition to a low carbon energy future a commercial reality. Download.

Guidehouse Insights: Enhancing Resiliency for the Energy Transition

Guidehouse explores how dual purpose microgrids play a critical role in providing resiliency during the transition to a low carbon energy future. Download.

The Brattle Group Report: Decarbonized Resilience

The Brattle Group examines detailed data comparing the feasibility, economics, and GHG emissions of several alternative microgrid systems commonly considered for resilience purposes. Download.

Data Center Energy Delivery

In this white paper, Bill Kleyman with Switch explores how microgrids are changing the paradigm on data center power delivery, uptime, and efficiency. Download.

Navigant Research Report: Resiliency Microgrids

This paper examines how resiliency microgrids can enable cost-effective solutions to both mitigate outages from wildfire and extreme weather risks and to capture grid benefits. Download.

NREL Report: A Comparison of Fuel Choice for Backup Generators

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) compares backup generator configurations, analyzing the relative costs and benefits both in terms of economics and reliability of using natural gas versus diesel as fuel for backup systems. Download.

Reinventing Electrical Resiliency

Just as society becomes more and more reliant on uninterrupted power, the grid becomes more and more vulnerable. The solution to this disparity between an unreliable supply and an unrelenting demand manifests as electric resiliency. Download.

Microgrid Knowledge Report: The Affordable Microgrid

This report introduces an innovative approach – reliability-as-a-service – that reduces the capital costs for microgrid customers and puts their operations in the hands of experts. Download.

Microgrid Knowledge Report: Microgrids for the Retail Sector

Microgrids are a more reliable source of backup power that also provide a range of electrical services for the grid. Furthermore, microgrids have become affordable for many businesses via as-a-service contracts. Download.

Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for the Biopharmaceutical Industry

This paper explores how commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations can address electric resiliency challenges through onsite power leveraging traditional fuels to the newest technologies. Download.