7 Strategies to Make Microgrids a Fit for Utility Grid Modernization

Enchanted Rock and Microgrid Knowledge conducted a survey in 2022 of leaders at large U.S. electric utilities to take the pulse on their actions and attitudes on microgrid development. The results revealed a fascinating landscape, one in which most executives believe their utilities have a broad role to play with microgrids. Yet most also saw deterrents that prevented their utilities from playing this role. Core concerns include:

  • Costs, capital and financing
  • Regulatory barriers
  • Technology risks
  • Customer interest
  • Fit with the utility business model
  • Support from key stakeholders and management
  • Finding the right partners

When utilities are deterred from making microgrids a part of their grid modernization roadmap, they miss opportunities to serve strategically important customers seeking increased resilience. In this report, Enchanted Rock shares what the leaders of large utilities said were the top deterrents to microgrid adoption and strategies to overcome them so that microgrids can benefit utilities, their customers and the grid.