Energy Utilities

Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Utilities

Our world is undergoing a dramatic shift in power production, delivery, and usage. The energy transition is creating challenges to maintaining a reliable grid. Growth in renewable energy and expanded electrification requires more flexible grid support.

Our connected society, however, relies on continuous power, and utility customers are less and less tolerant of power disruptions, especially with an expanding definition of critical infrastructure beyond hospital and emergency services to include food, water, supply chain, communication, and transportation. Critical infrastructure customers are looking for resiliency solutions.

With modern microgrid innovation, our utility partners are in a unique position to provide safe, reliable, and affordable power to customers with ultra-high resiliency needs — all while continuing to integrate renewable energy to the grid through the addition of locally placed, dispatchable fast ramp generating assets.

The Enchanted Rock Solution

With dual-purpose microgrids from Enchanted Rock, utilities can ensure continuous service for customers, improving customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, and improve local emissions while meeting carbon reduction goals.

Our Power On Partner Program for utilities provides turn-key customer offerings from financial modeling to marketing and regulatory support, to design/build/maintain/operate services. Our dual-purpose microgrids are ideal for dispatchable front of meter or behind the meter capacity for use in grid support or to defer or avoid traditional capital investments.

Why Enchanted Rock Microgrids?

Improve customer satisfaction through demonstrated, battle-tested resiliency solutions
Ensure resiliency for large C&I utility customers
Access quick-start, flexible, local and system emergency backup capacity
Reduce CapEx & OpEx with flexible capital deployment structures

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