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Reinventing Electrical Resiliency for Electric Fleets

Fleet electrification: Navigating EV fleet adoption

The transportation industry is the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the US. The transition to electric vehicles, including electric fleets, is a critical milestone on businesses’ path to meeting Net Zero goals. This is because diesel fleet vehicles and buses can release up to 30 times the amount of carbon dioxide as a passenger vehicle so electrifying fleets will meet their ambitious carbon reduction goals.

With the evolution towards electric bus or trucking fleets, it’s crucial to consider the strain this could place on our existing electric grid, a system largely built during the 1960s and 1970s with an anticipated lifespan of 50 years. Without careful planning with utilities, the high-power demands of electric fleets could overburden our already struggling distribution and transmission infrastructure. More frequent power outages are a risk to business continuity and could deter the decision to electrify altogether.

Efficient EV fleet management requires optimizing charging schedules and maintaining a reliable electric fleet vehicle charging infrastructure. One of the challenges fleet operators face is finding a reliable and cost-effective power supply for EV fleets, especially during peak charging hours. The second challenge is minimizing downtime so that there is minimal disruption, even when the grid is down.

Forward thinking EV fleet operators are building resiliency into their power infrastructure and business continuity plans to counter the financial impacts of a fragile electric grid.

The Enchanted Rock Solution

Fleet electrification: Boosting green, steady road time

Enchanted Rock’s electrical Resilency-as-a-Service helps EV fleet owners focus on fleet management, without having to worry about the availability of power. Enchanted Rock’s solution is designed for fast, simple, and worry-free protection from extended grid outages and peak demand charges. This means that EV fleets can charge efficiently, whenever they need to.

In addition to providing a reliable power supply, Enchanted Rock helps businesses navigate this road to fleet electrification. Our trusted advisors can help you find the right vehicles, chargers and infrastructure for your unique needs, making sure you have the right assets in the right place at the right time for your business.

Our unique solution can also reduce your peak demand charges by resulting in significant savings for your fleet.

A seamless transition to an EV fleet means maximizing uptime while meeting sustainability, reliability, and financial goals.

Decarbonizing Resilience with Natural Gas

Fleet electrification: Achieving ESG goals with EV fleet charging

Enchanted Rock’s eco-friendly microgrids offer significantly cleaner local emissions than diesel without runtime limitations – enabling electric fleet vehicles to maximize uptime while reducing peak demand charges.

Enchanted Rock’s generators are the first of their kind to secure the coveted California Air Resources Board Distributed Generation (CARB DG) certification. The CARB DG certification has some of the strictest emission requirements in the world, offering EV fleet owners cleaner backup power solutions for their fleet electrification. During times of disruption, Enchanted Rock’s CARB-DG certified microgrid and team of resiliency experts keep electric fleet vehicles on the road while minimizing carbon footprint.

Why Enchanted Rock Microgrids?

Ensure the safety of the community
Replace unreliable, high emissions diesel systems
Eliminate unplanned outages
Reduce CapEx and OpEx

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