Webinar On-Demand

Keep Your EV Fleet Energized & Reduce Peak Demand Charges

Electric vehicles of all types are already displacing 1.5 million barrels per day of oil usage, equivalent to about 3% of total road fuel demand. Driven by concern about climate change, favorable government policies, and declining battery costs, many fleet owners are adopting electric vehicles (EVs).

However, power outages due to US grid failures and extreme weather are on the rise. So how can you eliminate anxiety and keep your EV fleet on the road – even when the power is out?

In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for maintaining a reliable EV infrastructure that maximizes charging uptime and minimizes cost and downtime.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to harden your operations against power outages and peak demand charges.

This leads to a careful balancing act with three competing drivers: reliability, sustainability, and cost.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How EV adoption is burdening an already challenged electrical grid
  • What fleet owners can do to manage energy costs and demand charges while meeting emissions goals
  • How electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service allows you to scale your EV fleet faster with minimal risk for downtime
  • How can renewable natural gas (RNG) microgrids ensure 99.999% combined reliability while helping you decarbonize

Join us for this live webinar, designed for facilities leaders, energy managers, and others responsible for ensuring your EV charging infrastructure is able to keep your fleet on the road.



Nick Casas

Vice President, Enchanted Rock


Brendan Harney

Vice President, Proterra Energy