Automating the world’s most rock-solid electrical microgrids.

As businesses look to safeguard their operations with back-up power systems, growing complexities and a lack of consistency stand in the way of achieving affordable electrical resiliency. With every market demanding different energy requirements and unique operational considerations, it’s no wonder that the value of sustainable, dual-purpose microgrids has been elusive—until now.

Enchanted Rock has taken a landscape defined by decades of confusion and complexity—and we’ve streamlined, simplified and automated the solution.

GraniteEcosystem™—our proprietary end-to-end software platform—integrates with proven gensets and processes to monitor, automate, analyze and control microgrid operations. GraniteEcosystem™ gives us the power to immediately respond to grid conditions—so you always have the power you need.

GraniteEcosystem™ integrates all core functions into one unified, high-performance software application.

Capital Markets & Project Financing

Secure communication with hardware

End-to-end EPC and O&M integration

Market interface and Grid Dispatch Optimization

GraniteEcosystem™ leverages a powerful edge computing system and data platform to unlock the full capabilities of the industry’s most advanced microgrids. Our software utilizes a multi-market, multi-asset dispatch model to maximize the economic value of microgrids for our customers—and enables the ability to scale assets being managed.

Advanced analytics and dashboards boost O&M efficiency and customer engagement, while seamless integration with settlements, billing and invoicing augments mid- and back-office processes.

Key Benefits of GraniteEcosystem™


  • Real-time analytics drive decision making, asset monitoring and dispatch
  • Optimized grid revenue streams
  • Minimized energy costs
  • Prioritized load controls and clean generation
  • Ability to dispatch assets before grid disruption events occur


  • Smart alarms with root cause analysis
  • Proactive dispatching of maintenance personnel and equipment to a site
  • Prescriptive insights into grid conditions
  • Ability to predict equipment failures and emissions exceedances before they happen
  • Smart inventory stocking and management


  • Field data drives future design
  • Fleet-wide issues can be forecasted
  • Customer pain points are leveraged to drive new offerings
  • Rapid prototyping and implementation of system design, construction and operations