Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service

At your service.

Enterprises nationwide are increasingly recognizing the value of, always-on electricity—and are acutely aware of the physical, financial and reputational hazards they face if the power goes out.

With our fully-managed and sustainable microgrids, Enchanted Rock has reimagined the way companies ensure business continuity in the face of grid failure. Coupled with comprehensive support services and flexible pricing, our team of experts designs, installs, operates and maintains purpose-built systems that enable worry-free protection from extended electrical outages.

One Rock-Solid Solution. Two Buying Plans.

Whether you choose a subscription-based service agreement or elect to own the supported asset, Enchanted Rock microgrids help you reduce risk, maintain resiliency and enhance operations.

All Enchanted Rock Microgrids Are Guaranteed to Be:

Our microgrids run often and loaded; doing so provides constant conditioning and testing, yielding a more dependable and steadfast solution as compared to traditional diesel-powered backups.

You’ve got more important things to do than worry about the complexities of a microgrid. That’s why Enchanted Rock manages your system 24/7/365, and assumes responsibility for all maintenance and operations-related matters.

When clients aren’t leveraging the system, we aggregate the generators and sell power back to the grid. These frequent, revenue-generating runs allow us to significantly subsidize the system cost for our clients.

With a sound level of less than 68 dBa at seven meters—and a compact footprint that mirrors that of diesel generators—our systems can be easily installed on-site in a multitude of configurations.

Our microgrids only use clean-burning natural gas or renewable natural gas. Compared to diesel, this drastically reduces emissions and helps our clients achieve resiliency while meeting environmental goals.

Enchanted Rock systems not only protect against grid failure—they provide additional dispatchable capacity for integrating renewables like solar or wind-powered generators.