The Microgrid Solution

The resilience you need. The service you deserve.
The energy—and the partner—you can rely on.

Enchanted Rock provides the industry’s most accessible and dependable electrical resiliency-as-a-service. Fueled by natural gas, powered by proprietary GraniteEcosystem™ solution software and backed by a team of tenured experts, our dual-purpose microgrids deliver rock-solid performance and ensure business, and community continuity.

What Sets Us Apart

Advanced technologies—and unsurpassed performance—make upgrading from diesel an obvious choice.

  • World-class performance, including a 10-second cold start
  • Diesel-like transient response meets USI 8528-5 standards
  • Patent-pending infrastructure fits a standard diesel-solution footprint
  • Cleanest local emissions
  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) option to achieve carbon-neutral emissions
  • Sound level is ~4-5dBA quieter than a similar-sized diesel solution
  • Proven success in supporting more than 10,000 hours of grid outages
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring, maintenance and optimization—for client ease and peace of mind

With fully-managed microgrids and support services, companies stay powered and communities stay strong.

Powering the world’s most rock-solid electrical microgrids.

The Advantages Over Diesel
Expensive, dirty and failure-prone—discover why diesel-powered backups fall short.
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
The next generation of Natural Gas is already here.