The Advantages Over Diesel

Natural gas simply delivers.

Enchanted Rock electrical microgrids receive constant conditioning and testing—yielding a more dependable and steadfast solution.
We significantly subsidize the system cost for our customers.
Our microgrids only use clean-burning natural gas or renewable natural gas. Compared to diesel, these systems are 10X cleaner and drive net-zero carbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do natural gas local emissions compare to diesel?
The Environmental Protection Agency reports that exposure to diesel exhaust can lead to serious health conditions, including asthma and respiratory illnesses. Moreover, it can worsen existing heart and lung disease—especially in children and the elderly—and result in increased hospital visits, absences from work or school, and premature deaths.

When you look at the numbers, the fact is that diesel—whether Tier 2 or the “cleaner” Tier 4—produces higher emissions than natural gas and other gas fuel alternatives.

Our natural gas-fueled microgrids offer cleaner local emissions than diesel by orders of magnitude, with practically zero run limitation—allowing facilities to support both resiliency and sustainability initiatives.

How do natural gas noise emissions compare to diesel?

Due to their lower compression ratio, spark ignition engines are inherently quieter than similarly sized diesel generators. Enchanted Rock’s patented design goes above and beyond with a sound level of <68 dBa at 7 meters in its standard package. Typical diesel generators need optional sound attenuation enclosures, adding to costs and space requirements.

Can backup power be decarbonized?

While diesel generators have long been a de facto backup power standard for many industries due to responsiveness and low cost, the push for decarbonization has thrust their undesirable emissions into the spotlight. Modern alternatives—including natural gas, renewable natural gas, solar and storage—can be used to virtually eliminate the emission of pollutants such as NOx, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds.

Why are natural gas and RNG more reliable?

Enchanted Rock maintains full ownership of the microgrid, allowing customers to focus on what matters most—their business. The combination of industry-leading technology and 24/7/365 support services  results in low-risk, predictable resiliency.

Is natural gas/RNG more affordable than traditional diesel?

In a word, yes! Our flexible pricing options come in at a fraction of the cost to own and maintain a comparable diesel-fueled system.