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Beyond Closing the Doors: Innovations in Cold Storage Electrical Resilience

What happens when a cold storage facility loses power?

The consequences to revenue and EV fleets can be catastrophic.

In an era of power outages and grid instabilities, how can you safeguard your cold storage and EV fleet solutions?

Join Pete DiSanto and Nick Casas to learn about the future of cold storage and delivery.

Key insights:

  • Understanding the risks: Learn about the critical challenges the cold storage industry faces due to power disruptions.
  • Innovative Microgrids: Explore Enchanted Rock’s trusted back up power solutions and their benefits.
  • Reefers: Uncover the vulnerabilities these portable units face and learn about new EV reefer technology
  • Client Success Stories: See business case studies that have successfully incorporated Enchanted Rock’s solutions into their cold storage systems

If you are responsible for ensuring reliable power in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage or logistics sector, this webinar promises to offer valuable insights to secure your business.

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Pete DiSanto, President, Operations

Nick Casas, VP EV Solutions