Electrical Resiliency-as-a-Service



Data centers require significant electrical power to function. Having a resiliency solution in place for full facility protectionfrom outages of any type or duration is critical to business continuity. These facilities must be resilient against disaster events that affect the grid to remain competitive. Enchanted Rock is a industry leader in electrical resiliency-as-a-service. Our advanced dual-purpose microgrids protect companies, critical infrastructure and communities from unexpected power outages – ensuring businesses continuity and civic durability.


Data centers typically utilize diesel generators for backup power, which require frequent maintenance and are a financial burden. Alternatively, our natural gas microgrids perform like diesel generators, but they are more reliable, cost-effective, and much cleaner. Natural gas has an underground infrastructure that remains unaffected by weather events and grid disturbances, allowing the microgrid system to provide continuous power for any duration – ranging from days to weeks with no refueling.


Enchanted Rock’s resiliency-as-a-service solution with its dual-purpose micorgrids enable companies to stay powered and communities to be resilient.
Data Centers are able to choose a subscription- based service or elect to own the supported asset where Enchanted Rock helps you reduce risk, maintain resiliency and enhance operations 24/7/365. The Enchanted Rock’s offering, delivers resilient backup power, often at half the price of diesel, by financing, operating, and maintaining the systems. This turnkey solution allows data center operators to focus exclusively on providing critical IT services.


Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrid are powered by ultra clean natural gas. The gensets have a compact, patent-pending packaging design that results in a small footprint. The modularity is taken one step further by creating power that centralizes all of the generation onto a daisy-chained MV bus that connects to both A and B sides of the switchgear. This means that single gensets can be taken out ofservice for maintenance without greatly affecting reliability, which is a major difference from a standard backup power design.


Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids have the added benefit of providing additional financial streams, making the assets cost-effective for data center operators. With our fully-managed and sustainable microgrids, Enchanted Rock has reimagined the way companies ensure business continuity in the face of grid failure. Coupled with comprehensive support services, our team of experts designs, installs, operates and maintains purpose-built systems that enable worry-free protection from extended electrical outages.


The data center industry has successfully demonstrated its commitment to environmental initiatives. However, the diesel generator fleet at most data centers runs counter to these achievements. Diesel fuel emits high levels of carbon, particulate matter, and NOx when compared to a natural gas equivalent. Enchanted Rock’s microgrids have significantly lower emissions than Tier 2 and even Tier 4f diesel generators. For example, Enchanted Rock’s
zerohour emission factor for NOx is 4000 times lower than Tier 2 diesel engines and 400 times cleaner than a Tier 4f diesel engine. The resiliency microgrids have a quick-response nature in gridsynchronous mode that allows them to provide ancillary services to grid operators. Grid operators can then balance intermittent renewables and further the integration of renewable energy sources.


Solutions meet CARB DG emissions standards—the most stringent limits in the world
99.999% combined reliability for entire data center
Electrical protection from severe weather, rolling blackouts, cyberattacks and grid failure
Net-zero emission with natural gas / renewable natural gas. 10X cleaner than diesel
Up-time performance with continuous monitoring and maintenance
CAPEX/OPEX reduction
10 seconds fast start, rich burn technology
24/7/365 monitoring and management via mNOC

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