Natural gas microgrids to provide utility companies more reliable, cheaper, and cleaner back-up power solution  

HOUSTON, Jan. 26, 2022 – Enchanted Rock, the leading provider of electrical resiliency microgrids for large energy users, announced today its new utility partnership program. The new program will allow utility companies to work directly with Enchanted Rock to offer their customers a comprehensive resiliency power service. Enchanted Rock’s natural gas microgrids will help utilities to meet the growing need from their customers of a more reliable, cheaper, and cleaner back-up power solution.

The increase of extreme weather attributed to climate change, along with the transition to more renewable energy sources, has stressed and exposed weaknesses to the delivery of the nation’s power. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. electricity customers (on average) experienced more than eight hours of electric power interruptions in 2020 – the most ever since the agency started collecting this data in 2013. Once-in-a-century storms have become the norm, requiring utility companies and business leaders to adapt to this new reality of extended power outages by upgrading their back-up systems. For water providers, hospitals, assisted living communities, distribution centers, grocery stores, manufacturers, data centers, etc., every minute is critical. Even a single outage can cause catastrophic losses, directly impact the bottom line, and significantly damage reputation.

“Enchanted Rock knows utility companies are uniquely positioned to evaluate power outages and understand the needs of their customers, especially those in critical industries to have a reliable back-up power service,” said Allan Schurr, chief commercial officer of Enchanted Rock. “We are excited to offer this new partnership program and collaborate with utility companies to provide much needed resiliency solutions.”

Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids have a proven record of supplying power during the most adverse conditions. During the 2021 Winter Storm Uri in Texas, millions of utility customers in Texas lost electricity when power plants across the state were knocked offline due to record low temperatures. Enchanted Rock microgrids supplied continuous power to 143 of its customers sites that experienced grid outages and were protected for a total of 4,984 outage hours over eight days. Beyond maintaining power and offering 24/7 support to its customers, the microgrids were able to supply capacity aid to the main power grid.

Enchanted Rock’s multi-tiered partner program will offer utility companies behind-the-scenes full-service support. Depending on the partner program level, Enchanted Rock will provide customer leads, support technical sales efforts, design, construct, operate and maintain all microgrid operations. Another benefit to Enchanted Rock’s partner program, the company’s natural gas microgrids are on average 50% less expensive than traditional diesel generators when coupled with providing grid support services.

In addition to delivering a more reliable and the most cost-effective resiliency power solution, Enchanted Rock’s natural gas microgrids provide a 99% cleaner option to traditional diesel backup generators. Enchanted Rock’s history of clean energy innovation dates back to 2012, when the company pioneered the use of cleaner generators beginning with EPA Tier 4 diesel and further evolution to ultra-clean natural gas. Enchanted Rock has already reduced the local pollutants of backup power solutions by more than 99% and carbon intensity by 10%. In November 2021, Enchanted Rock announced its customers have the option to choose Renewable Natural Gas to achieve net-zero or negative carbon emissions.

For more information about Enchanted Rock and its utility partner program, please click here.

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