Government Supercomputer Research Center upgrades systems with dual-purpose microgirds


The client was looking to replace their existing backup power system that was at least 10 years old and no longer provided enough capacity to backup the new systems.

This client wanted an economic way of replacing and upgrading existing the system and the local utility’s power through program gave them the financial help they needed.


Deal close: Nov. 2020
Project size: 3.2 MW


The client facility will add another 9.6 MW of load by 2024, with the potential for more growth after that.


  • The client manages five major government supercomputer research centers and hosts one of the centers at its Vicksburg site. These supercomputers are some of the most powerful and fastest in the world, with a capability of 3.5 quadrillion calculations per second.
  • Enchanted Rock worked with the utility through their Power Through program to provide a full-service resiliency solution to the client at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of a standard backup power system.
  • Enchanted Rock was responsible for the design, construction and commissioning and will continue to operate and maintain the system for the life of the agreement, relieving the client of the O&M responsibility they had with their previous system. Enchanted Rock will install additional capacity as the facility grows to meet load.



270+ Operational Microgrid Sites
565+ # of MW Commissioned
260+ MW Under Construction
11,000+ Hours of Outages Covered
540,000+ Unit Run Hours
$550MM+ Money Deployed in Microgrids
99.999% Combined Reliability

Stats as of Published Date

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