Local Hospital provides uninterrupted mission critical life-saving services.


During Hurricane Harvey, the loss of both water and electricity prevented even critical applications from functioning and required the client to evacuate patients to a safe location, resulting in $6 million of lost revenue.

The hospital was equipped with emergency diesel generators. However, the only supported the equipment, life, and critical loads required for regulatory compliance.


Deal close: April 2019
Project size: 2.8 MW

“We have been very impressed with all aspects of this project, and we are very pleased to have this service available to our entire hospital in the event of an outage. This gives us a great deal of security to know that we will be able to take care of our patients, staff, and community if we face another hurricane or other disaster that results in loss of electrical power,” – CEO


  • This client elected to install a 2.8 MW Enchanted Rock Resiliency-as-a-Service with its dual-purpose microgrids with the goal of achieving full-facility resiliency at an affordable cost.
  • Unlike traditional partial backup power systems for hospitals, full facility backup power allows for uninterrupted operations at full capacity even during utility outages, translating to safer conditions for patients and staff and no loss of revenue for the hospital.
  • Enchanted Rock was able to integrate with client’s existing diesel system to provide full facility backup that serves as a secondary utility power supply.



270+ Operational Microgrid Sites
565+ # of MW Commissioned
260+ MW Under Construction
11,000+ Hours of Outages Covered
540,000+ Unit Run Hours
$550MM+ Money Deployed in Microgrids
99.999% Combined Reliability

Stats as of Published Date

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