National Superstore Retailer services the entire community during power outage


This retail client was in search of a solution for its Texas stores that would allow them to continue to serve its community in the event of a power outage.

The national super retailer wanted a solution that offered both resiliency and an energy market hedge.


Portfolio size: 196.8 MW
Current COD (MW): 83.6 MW
Under construction (MW): 113.2MW


Over the next 5 – 10 years, Enchanted Rock expects to install dual-purpose microgrids in all of the client’s stores and distribution centers where natural gas is available and affordable. The new installations will have the microgrid ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).


  • The client initially committed to a 5-store pilot project with Enchanted Rock in March 2019.
  • After a successful pilot, comparing Enchanted Rock performance to market alternatives, they added an additional 30 stores totaling 36 MW in December 2019. This client has since committed an additional 123 stores totaling over 145 MW and one 9.6 MW distribution center across four states and intends to continue adding additional sites across the country.
  • The client and Enchanted Rock agreed to a unique financial structure that allows for an accelerated deployment schedule to maximize the number of stores with resiliency microgrids.
  • This client owns the systems, retains all grid revenues generated by the microgrids and pays Enchanted Rock for operations and maintenance costs.
  • Recent project – Microgrid ATS deal at 60 stores that were closed in December 2021. The Microgrid ATS adds power capacity and breakers for future nodes, including EV charging, battery storage, disaster support, etc.



270+ Operational Microgrid Sites
565+ # of MW Commissioned
260+ MW Under Construction
11,000+ Hours of Outages Covered
540,000+ Unit Run Hours
$550MM+ Money Deployed in Microgrids
99.999% Combined Reliability

Stats as of Published Date

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