Recorded Webinar: Introducing Zero Carbon Power Resiliency Fueled by Renewable Natural Gas

Our customers require a diverse portfolio of energy solutions to make impactful changes and progress towards their Net Zero goals while keeping critical infrastructure operational and communities safe – even during multi day grid outages. Enchanted Rock is proud to announce an industry-first offering for Zero Carbon Resiliency. It’s the best of both worlds, with Enchanted Rock’s battle-tested resiliency microgrid technology enabled by Renewable Natural Gas, a vital part of the clean energy resource mix as the world focuses on balancing decarbonization and resiliency goals.

In this webinar, we discuss our new offering and learn how you can leverage cleaner RNG to mitigate the risks of long-duration power outages, while providing grid support services and helping reduce the carbon footprint.


Allan Schurr
Chief Commercial Officer, Enchanted Rock

Jim Kelly
Director of Natural Gas, Enchanted Rock