Recorded Webinar: Optimizing Facility Design for both Decarbonization and Resiliency – It’s Not Too Good to Be True!

A variety of technologies exist to address resiliency requirements and zero carbon goals. This session explores modern microgrid innovation – solutions that meet high resiliency standards for the manufacturing sector and reduce carbon footprint without breaking the bank.
In this webinar out panel will address:

  • The path to decarbonization and the changing grid: what we have learned from market experience
  • Current and emerging technologies: removing your reliance on dirty diesel
  • Renewable Natural Gas: what is it, and how can it help reduce you carbon footprint?
  • Microgrids design options and how to get started
  • Optimizing design for both decarbonization and resiliency


Allan Schurr
Chief Commercial Officer, Enchanted Rock

Jim Kelly
Director of Natural Gas, Enchanted Rock