HOUSTON, TX. March 7, 2023 –  Enchanted Rock, a leading provider of electrical resiliency microgrids, has been selected by San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to provide backup power services with reduced emissions to help ensure continued operations of their facilities, even during grid outages. SAWS will incorporate modular natural gas engine generators into their operations, spread across multiple water production facilities, building resilience for a system that serves over two million customers.

The Enchanted Rock solution allows SAWS to proactively adjust for changing grid conditions, equipment functions, and weather conditions, helping to predict and prevent outages. SAWS is working collaboratively with CPS Energy, who will provide electricity to the designated SAWS facilities during system outages and will otherwise operate and maintain the generators for its benefit.

Enchanted Rock has over 10 years of operational data collection and system analytics from working with water utilities and other industries to continuously optimize operations and maintenance of microgrids.

“Water is a critical component of life, and no matter what the weather or grid conditions may be, there should be no compromise to have access to clean drinking water,” said Jayesh Goyal, Chief Revenue Officer of Enchanted Rock. “We’re proud to have been trusted by San Antonio Water System so that they can provide peace of mind to their customers.”

Unlike traditional diesel generators, these cutting edge natural gas generators will significantly lower noise and emissions, offering improved sustainability without sacrificing reliability.

About Enchanted Rock

Founded in 2006, Enchanted Rock is a leader in electrical resiliency-as-a-service, powering companies, critical infrastructure, and communities to ensure operational continuity during unexpected power outages from extreme weather, infrastructure failures, cyberattacks and other grid disruptions. Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids use natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG) offsets to produce significantly lower carbon emissions and air pollutants than diesel generators, capable of achieving resiliency with net-zero emissions. Additionally, the company’s end-to-end microgrid software platform, GraniteEcosystem™, provides real-time 24/7/365 system monitoring and optimization, including forecasting of electricity market conditions to ensure worry-free reliable power to customers. For more information, please visit www.enchantedrock.com or visit Twitter or LinkedIn.

About San Antonio Water System

San Antonio Water System provides water and wastewater services to more than 2 million customers in the San Antonio region and continues to set the standard for service and water conservation within our industry. SAWS is the national leader in water innovation with the largest direct recycled water system in the country, a state-of-the-art inland desalination plant, and the largest groundwater-based Aquifer Storage & Recovery facility in the nation. For more information, visit www.saws.org.