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Accessible and dependable. Intelligent and intuitive. When the power absolutely, positively,
unquestionably needs to stay on,
Enchanted Rock delivers.

Empowering organizations to power their communities

Demand for always-on electricity is intensifying—and our country’s aging electric grid is undergoing significant changes that make it unable to consistently meet customer expectations. All the while, more frequent and severe weather events, and targeted cyber-attacks, threaten to turn out the lights.

At Enchanted Rock, our solutions are purpose-built to enable your operations, your customers and your communities to power on.

The Microgrid Solution

Power outages have always been an accepted reality.
Storm coming? Break out the flashlights.
Heatwave? Bring on the rolling blackouts.

While certain industries mandate emergency backup systems for safety, most don’t due to perceived cost and complexity—and are then forced to succumb to outages.

Diesel-powered backups are expensive, unreliable and harmful to the environment. When it comes to keeping businesses powered, microgrids are redefining expectations. And with proven, proprietary technologies and 10+ years of operational excellence, Enchanted Rock is redefining the microgrid.

An Enchanted Advantage

Neighborhood Friendly
Cleaner, quieter, and net-zero carbon.
World-class performance
The response time and utility grade power of a diesel backup— without the diesel downsides.
Unparalleled Support
24/7/365 system monitoring and optimization.

In the Spotlight

Enchanted Rock to Develop California’s Largest Renewable Microgrid to Ensure Resiliency of Microsoft Data Center


West Harris County Regional Water Authority Selects Enchanted Rock for 20 MW of Microgrids Serving Critical Water Pump Stations


Wary of Being Left in the Dark, Americans Produce Their Own Power


Fragile and Complex: The U.S. Electric Grid

Our dependence on the grid has historically been absolute—yet it’s increasingly prone to failure.
Explore why microgrids are the answer.

In many parts of the country, the U.S. electric grid is more than 50 years old—and in desperate need of an engineering overhaul.

More frequent heatwaves. More crippling cold snaps. More powerful storms. Climate change is placing unprecedented strain on the grid.

From ransomware assaults to cyberattacks to civil unrest, we’ve seen increased incursions on our country’s vital infrastructure—and they’ve revealed critical susceptibilities.

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