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At Enchanted Rock, our mission is making sure the power is on for our customers. Our Managed Power Resiliency (MPR) solution has reinvented how organizations ensure power resiliency with fully managed clean microgrids, support services, and flexible pricing options designed for fast, simple, and worry-free protection from extended grid outages. Our high availability solution provides affordable, low risk, and predictable resiliency.


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Our History

Organizations of all sizes grapple with the risk of losing power. Appreciating this lack of truly resilient protection and the burden it poses on a wide range of industries, Enchanted Rock founder Thomas McAndrew created a vastly improved solution based on his experiences in nuclear energy engineering and systems management for the U.S. Navy. The result is a quieter, cleaner, and far more reliable solution than the traditional diesel generators.

Enchanted Rock microgrids run on natural gas – a readily available and cleaner alternative to diesel fuel. Enchanted Rock applies Navy-nuclear and NASA-grade systems reliability standards to its patented microgrid technology, resulting in dependable, long-duration power availability. Unlike diesel generators that can fail when needed most, Enchanted Rock systems are extremely reliable because they are frequently loaded and tested through energy market support operations.

Similar high standards for quality and performance are applied across all the company’s technologies and proprietary services, bringing customers a new level of confidence in their energy partner, especially when continuous operations are mission critical.

Field Proven and Battle Tested

During Hurricane Harvey, Enchanted Rock powered 21 customer microgrids, providing 100% reliability for 105 hours