Power Gridlock: Navigating the Challenges and Solutions to Securing Power for High-Demand Industries

In a world of power scarcity, securing power has become a competitive advantage for data centers and other power-intensive industries. In our latest research, we explore solutions to the unprecedented delays in securing grid power.

The paper delves into the complexities of the current grid landscape, including the explosion of demand from data centers, manufacturing, and EV fleets. It identifies the forces driving demand and provides valuable insights into the grid’s limitations. More importantly, the paper outlines critical choices for businesses and how to secure the power they need now.

Key Highlights:

  1. Unprecedented delays in securing power from the electric grid
  2. Demand drivers: Data centers, electrification, and the American manufacturing boom
  3. Grid challenges: Generator and facility interconnection delays, retirement of baseload plants, and more
  4. How utilities can help: Flexible demand tariff and flexible interconnection
  5. Solution evaluation: Turbines, fuel cells, lean- and rich-burn gas reciprocating engines, small modular reactors (SMRs), battery energy storage system (BESS), and hybrid solutions

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