Buc-ee’s Customer Success Story

“Buc-ee’s is excited to be working with Enchanted Rock. Their reliability microgrid solution will allow Buc-ee’s to ensure critical service is available to travelers and customers from surrounding communities during weather related emergencies like those commonly experienced in Texas,” said Jeff Nadalo, Buc-ee’s General Counsel.”

The Client

Founded in 1982, But-ee’s, Ltd. (Buc-ee’s) operates Texas-sized convenience stores and travel centers boasting numerous fuel pumps, great customer service, award-winning clean bathrooms and treats such as beef jerky and homemade fudge. Buc-ee’s has grown from its first store in Lake Jackson, TX to 35 locations throughout Texas, as well as nine locations in other states.

The Challenge

During power outages, Buc-ee’s was unable to provide their quality of service to theircustomers. Additionally, Buc-ee’s wanted to be able to provide critical service and products to travelers and customers from surrounding communities during extended power outages and weather related emergencies like those frequently experienced in Texas. Buc-ee’s convenience store locations reach 70,000 square feet and have over 120 fueling positions. Utilitycustomers in the region are not as fortunate to service their communities during naturaldisasters and Buc-cee’s wanted to weather-proof their operations to prevent revenue loss and avoid spoilage to their perishable goods.

The Solution

Buc-ee’s selected Enchanted Rock to initially power ten stores with the intent to serve all Buc-ee’s current and future locations. Enchanted Rock’s system provides approximately 1 MW of electrical capacity to coverthe energy needs of an entire Buc-ee’s store when utility power is unavailable. Buc-ee’s stores now have the ability to serve their communities during major and minor power outages. When the storms swept through the Dallas area during Hurricane Harvey, four stores lost power for about 10 seconds as the generators kicked on and smoothly transitioned the stores to backup power. The dual-purpose microgrids kept the lights on until the utility restored power to the stores, which took about 30 minutes for three of the stores and over a day for the fourth store. Enchanted Rock’s Dual- Purpose Microgrids offer electrical resiliency at a fraction of the cost compared to diesel. Microgrids run on natural gas and will provide a sufficient amount of electrical reliability to cover the stores.

The Result

Since installing Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids at their stores, Buc-ee’s has been able to serve travelers and surrounding communities during power outages as well as prevent the loss of perishables. During Hurricane Harvey, Enchanted Rock powered four Buc-ee’s stores for over 105 hours. One Buc-ee’s store served as a headquarters for first responders and national guardsmen during rescue missions as the surrounding areas were without power. Enchanted Rock’s Resiliency-as-aService solution, with its dual-purpose microgrid enable companies to stay powered and communities to be resilient. Enchanted Rock dual-purpose microgrids are managed and optimized 24/7/365 that enable worryfree protection from extended power electrical outages.

About Enchanted Rock

Founded in 2006, Enchanted Rock is a leader in electrical resiliency-as-a-service, powering companies, critical infrastructure, and communities to ensure operational continuity during unexpected power outages from extreme weather, infrastructure failures, cyberattacks and other grid disruptions. Enchanted Rock’s dual-purpose microgrids use natural gas and renewable natural gas (RNG) offsets to produce significantly lower carbon emissions and air pollutants than diesel generators, capable of achieving resiliency with net-zero emissions. Additionally, the company’s end-to-end microgrid software platform, GraniteEcosystem™, provides realtime 24/7/365 system monitoring and optimization, including forecasting of electricity market conditions to ensure worryfree reliable power to customers.

About Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is the world’s most-loved travel center. Founded in 1982, Buc-ee’s now has 35 stores across Texas, including the world’s largest convenience store, as well as nine locations in other states. Buc-ee’s is known for pristine bathrooms, a large number of fueling positions, friendly service, Buc-ee’s apparel and fresh, delicious food. Originally launched and still headquartered in Texas, Buc-ee’s has combined traditional quality and modern efficiency to redefine the pit stop for their customers. For more information, visit www.buc-ees.com.

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