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Building for the Future Balancing Sustainability, Reliability and Cost in New Facility

As the threats facing electrical grids and production facilities continue to increase, balancing sustainability, reliability and cost when constructing or retrofitting for resilient infrastructure is increasingly important. Resilient designs prioritize staying online during emergency situations, but of course this comes at a cost – both financially and in terms of resources. Managing these trade-offs can be daunting – especially when the stakes are so high. In this webinar we’ll discuss how engineers can manage these competing demands in order to meet client needs and maintain a leading reputation.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to harden your new or retrofitted facility infrastructure against power outages. This leads to a careful balancing act with three competing drivers: reliability, sustainability, and cost.

Get the answers in this live webinar. Developed for forward-thinking leaders and design engineers responsible for anticipating and preventing downtime from power outages, attendees will learn:

    • How sustainability and resiliency can help you adapt in these times of disruption
    • How to push through challenges to find the right energy balance
    • Which sustainable resiliency solutions are most promising and available today
    • How RNG can reduce scope 2 emissions and future-proof backup generation
    • How Microsoft is achieving a balance between reliability, sustainability, and cost when the power simply must stay on
    • How a leading healthcare facility in a major metropolitan area achieved full operations and patient safety despite failing grid power



Kosta Papasideris, Sr.

Microgrid Solutions Architect, Enchanted Rock


Tyler Hooven

Global Account Director, Enchanted Rock


Amy Ward

Operational Excellence Manager,Enchanted Rock