Innovative Solution Will Ensure Flood Management at Significant Savings

HOUSTON, June 26, 2019 – With service to the community as their priority, Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 2 (LID 2) entered into an agreement with Enchanted Rock Solutions, LLC.(Enchanted Rock) to ensure the continuous functioning of their new stormwater pumping station when a high Brazos River and heavy rains require pumping for drainage. Enchanted Rock’s clean and quiet backup power solution provides LID 2 with a redundant electrical service that will ensure operational integrity of the new pump station despite disruptions to the utility electricity supply.

As storms increase in intensity and frequency, Levee Improvement Districts (LIDs) are enacting flood control plans to keep communities safe. Because pumping stations rely on electricity to function, LID 2 recognized a demand for uninterrupted power to safeguard 8,300 homes and more than $5 billion worth of property from personal and economic loss.

“We are excited to extend our reliability services to LID 2 and the Fort Bend community,” said Thomas McAndrew, CEO of Enchanted Rock. “We are proud to provide a solution that will increase the pumping station’s reliability without disrupting the daily lives of residents.”

LID 2 selected Enchanted Rock’s natural gas generators based on their history of providing resilient backup power during utility outages and severe weather events. Enchanted Rock, a Houston-based company, delivers long-duration backup power with the cleanest technology available. The company’s integrated Reliability On Call (iROC) service will provide LID 2 with worry-free reliability because Enchanted Rock owns, operates, and maintains the systems. The unique iROC model allows LID 2 to receive full-facility backup at a fraction of the cost of a standard reliability system.

“We are relieved to find such an effortless solution that addresses our reliability needs,” said André McDonald, LID 2 Board President, “We feel confident knowing that our community will be better protected from flooding during severe weather events and utility power outages.”

LID 2 joins the list of municipalities served by Enchanted Rock’s resiliency microgrids, which include CNP MUD, Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA), and others. This service and the new LID 2 pump station are expected to be in operation in Spring of 2021.

About Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District 2

LID2 is responsible for providing flood protection and storm water management services for major portions of the City of Sugar Land in Fort Bend County, Texas. The District protects more than 5,300 acres of property and operates and maintains 11 miles of levees, 8 miles of drainage ditches and two pump stations. The flood control works constructed and operated by FBCLID2 protect 8,300 homes and hundreds of businesses including Sugar Land Town Square and First Colony Mall. The combined value of all property and structures located inside the district exceeds $5 billion in appraised value. To learn more, visit

About Enchanted Rock, LLC

Enchanted Rock provides the most affordable, long duration backup power to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers by delivering a proven, full-service solution with the cleanest available technology. The company is responsible for the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and ownership of the natural-gas powered generators so customers can have reliable backup power without the capital risk and challenges that come with maintaining a backup generation system. Enchanted Rock has commissioned over 350 MW of distributed generation with over 50 MW under construction. To learn more, visit