Enchanted Rock (ERock) was featured last month in a Microgrid Knowledge article. The article discusses how ERock microgrids are thriving in today’s low average price power market due to their quick-response microgrids.

ERock Microgrids Find Opportunity from Agility

ERock offers customers highly reliable, ultra-clean, ultra-quiet natural gas backup power through their On Demand Electric Reliability (ODER) service. ERock’s microgrids respond quickly to market changes such as a price spike, allowing them to capture revenue that combined cycle power plants cannot.

Microgrid Knowledge shares some of what Thomas McAndrew, Founding Partner, President, and CEO of Enchanted Rock discussed at the 4th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum in Washington, D.C. in May. He explained how in, today’s market, ERock’s natural gas-powered microgrids earn revenue while large generation plants are suffering.

ERock Microgrids Play in Volatile Markets

“To understand microgrid economics, it’s necessary to look beyond average wholesale market prices, and instead focus on the more granular price opportunity created by intermittent resources on the grid”, he [McAndrew] said. “Fast-reacting microgrids can earn revenue by serving an electric grid that at any moment can – and does – find itself in need”.

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