Utility Challenges: A Customer-Centric Resiliency Solution for Today and The Future 

Industry Trends – Market for Resiliency Is Growing 

The global shift toward decarbonizing the grid is reshaping the electricity system, demanding increased flexibility and grid-stability services. Enchanted Rock recognizes the strain on the aging grid due to the “electrification of everything” and intensifying severe weather conditions. Our resiliency solution emerges as a cleaner, more reliable, and cost-competitive alternative, enabling utilities to actively engage in their customer’s resiliency decisions. 

Enchanted Rock’s Microgrid Solution Is Clean and Cost-Effective 

Our Dual-Purpose Microgrid (DPM) utilizes ultra-clean dispatchable gas gensets, fostering grid stability and offering critical facilities a resilient, cost-effective on-site power solution. Enchanted Rock addresses current grid challenges while aligning with the future needs of utilities. 

 Energy Reliability & Resiliency 

Operate in island-mode during disruptions with dynamic load management. 

 Energy Accessibility & Independence 

Competitive emergency onsite energy pricing compared to backup diesel alternatives. 

 Energy Flexibility & Cost Optimization 

Integrating distributed resources like solar and batteries for reduced emissions and grid balancing. 

 Enchanted Rock – Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Do It! 

Enchanted Rock, a Houston-based distributed power producer, specializes in utility-grade backup power resiliency microgrids. Leveraging standardized technology and processes, we’ve commissioned approximately 550 MW across diverse industries, achieving 99.996% reliability. Our microgrids, utilizing patented generator modules, seamlessly integrate with utility services, offering worry-free resiliency at the lowest cost with minimal carbon emissions. 

Enchanted Rock Utility Partner Program Resiliency as a Service Solution 

Acknowledging the increasing demand for resiliency solutions, our Utility Partner Program empowers utilities to deliver high-value resiliency services efficiently. Enchanted Rock provides comprehensive support services, including planning, program management, and flexible commercial arrangements, ensuring continuous service, customer satisfaction, and improved emission profiles. 

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