Tradition Senior Living, LP (Tradition) has entered into a long-term agreement with Houston-based Texas Microgrid LLC (TMG) to provide Enchanted Rock’s (ERock) On Demand Electric Reliability service for Tradition’s newest campus, The Tradition-Buffalo Speedway in Houston, Texas. The project will be funded by Basalt Infrastructure Partners via TMG, a Texas-based project company. ERock specializes in resiliency microgrids, and will provide electrical backup service for Tradition’s entire campus, including life safety. This level of reliability sets a new standard in the senior living industry, as the majority of current retirement facilities do not have complete backup power, only the backup of life safety systems. Given Houston’s proximity to the Gulf Coast and the recent hurricanes that served as a reminder of the limitations of our electrical grid system, electrical reliability has become a crucial component in senior living. Through ERock’s On Demand Electric Reliability service, Tradition will be able to operate normally during power outages. ERock’s service offers the ability to shelter-in-place, preventing evacuations that can cause significant mental and financial stress to the community. This provides peace of mind for residents and their loved ones and is just one more example of how Tradition provides the highest level of service to its residents.

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