Webinar On-Demand

Future Proofing: Reliable EV Charging and Backup Power Strategies in Construction & Retrofitting

The momentum behind electrified transport continues to grow, and businesses and municipal entities operating EV fleets must now actively prioritize and build robust, reliable charging infrastructures. This webinar will unpack the challenges and opportunities that fleet managers, facilities planners and construction professionals confront in both new and retrofit projects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Redefining Reliability – Discover how to evolve the charging infrastructure to directly meet EV fleets’ needs and guarantee vehicle uptime and maximum operational efficiency.
  • Managing Peak Demand – Learn how to plan for reduced peak demand charges, which can dramatically impact the operational costs of businesses with large EV fleets.
  • Harnessing Eco-Friendly Fuels – Understand how using eco-friendly backup power solutions not only reduces environmental impact but can also save costs and enhance resiliency.
  • Navigating Construction and Retrofitting Challenges – Learn the intricacies of integrating EV charging and backup power systems in new construction projects versus retrofitting existing facilities. We’ll cover best practices, cost considerations and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Client Benefits – Dive deep into the broader advantages of a well-planned EV charging ecosystem, from sustainability gains to improved vehicle longevity and reduced operational costs.

Join us, alongside Nick Casas, VP of EV Solutions with Enchanted Rock, and David Soens, Founder and COO of Uptime Charger to gain firsthand insights, study real-life case studies, and learn practical strategies that will ensure your organization stays at the forefront of planning for successful EV fleet management.

Whether just beginning your planning or refining an existing facility, this webinar promises invaluable takeaways for all champions of electrified transport.