caleb williams
Charles Kinnison, Network Operations Center Manager

Between extreme weather events, cyber-attacks, and aging electrical infrastructure, grid outages have never been more frequent and varied. As a result, it’s become necessary for critical facilities to hedge against disruption with backup power solutions, especially as outages are expensive, often life-threatening, and always unpredictable.

Through our dual-purpose microgrids and integrated custom software, Enchanted Rock delivers 24/7/365 reliability-as-a-service. And thanks to our state-of-the-art Microgrid Network Operation Center (mNOC), we’re able to monitor customers’ critical assets around the clock, providing unparalleled security to consumers with ease.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the experts manning the mNOC keep a proactive eye out for grid disruptions, technical abnormalities, and upcoming maintenance needs, all which contribute to Enchanted Rock’s microgrid solutions being at the ready. When an outage or error occurs, our team of industry experts assess the issue remotely, learning what’s wrong and executing solutions in real-time. And throughout the entire process, performance data is collected for further analysis and to inform Enchanted Rock’s ever-evolving best practices.

If on-site maintenance is deemed necessary, the mNOC team advises Enchanted Rock’s ground team of what to expect — and do — from the moment they arrive on-site. This minimizes any risk of downtime while improving the quality and safety of engineering operations. The proof of this is in the numbers: Across over 280 sites, we have provided more than 11,600 hours with 99.9995% combined reliability (stats as of published date).

Enchanted Rock’s trained in-house engineering team lets businesses rest easy, as only the most qualified professionals make the cut. While it’s common among our competitors to subcontract out to third parties, Enchanted Rock’s internal service teams are committed to offering best-in-class maintenance and support, allowing you to focus on your business, not running and maintaining gensets.

And thanks to Granite Ecosystem, our proprietary microgrid aggregation and control software, Enchanted Rock not only protects against outages but let’s our customers take part in the energy market. We simultaneously analyze asset conditions and market performance. From this, Enchanted Rock identifies opportunities for our customers to switch gears and instead of using the generators to power their facility, instead they profitably feed power from generators back to the grid. In this way, our services not only guarantee service reliability, but also increased revenue generation for a more robust bottom line. Plus, by utilizing the electrical resiliency-as-a-service model, our customers are helping their communities by helping improve grid stability.

Ultimately, when you partner with Enchanted Rock, you’re not just getting a backup power solution. Instead, you’re getting a rock-solid service commitment and a supportive team that’s always by your side. We go beyond ensuring facilities’ energy needs are met, freeing up critical capital for other tasks while safeguarding businesses’ long-term ROI.